About Heritage Grove

The Orchard:
In 2020, we built relationships with the Town of Los Gatos departments including Arborist/Trees, Code Compliance, Town Attorney/Parks and Public Works, planting 21 trees in 2020. 
The Town has been generously working with us as we restore what is one of Los Gatos’ “last remaining heritage orchards” and the only one with a public easement running through it. 

The Linear Park:
Along Regent Drive is the “Linear Park,” an Oak/Western Chaparral environment. The unique history of this tract of land is highlighted in the Ralph Heintz Exhibit Area along the Linear Park. The blacktop trail is a public easement, maintained by the Town, while the exhibit itself is our responsibility and required by the Town Ordinance. Along the linear park, we are committed to native flora, which after a bit of time to establish, will add beauty and color to the neighborhood, help with wildlife/fire prevention, and lie dormant in summer needing no water at all.  With drought, climate change, and increasing water rates, we have no choice but to conserve water, a precious resource. 

The Ralph Heintz Exhibition Area

The shed area behind the white picket fence is private Homeowner Only property, and is being restored with butterfly and bee friendly, Monarch Butterfly supporting flora.  The new exhibit signage is now complete, fence repaired, new fence built and painted, and the restoration is underway! Thank you to the twelve homes in the community who have come out to volunteer time, talent and treasure!  

Homeowners, contact us at hoa@heritagegrove.org to get more involved in the Monarch Area volunteer opportunities! To join Juliet, Dana, Sherri, Mario, Robert and Karen on the landscape committee, contact us! 

RoundUp and other Carcinogens: No carcinogenic chemicals have been applied since February 2020, making for a safer environment for children, adults and pets who come into contact with any common area, especially as now, families are spending all their time in our own neighborhood, walking, and playing close to home.



hoa@heritagegrove.org for a board member, landscape committee member or general question.

helpdesk@graysoncm.com for billing/account information or emergency/service response.

 Read the Newsletter! March 1, 2021 


Thank you for the great turnout at the March 16 Board Meeting!