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Landscape Committee Charter and Landscape Plan 2020-2022 information.  Ordinance 2047 governs our development, and we’re getting back into compliance. In 2020, we built trust at the Town of Los Gatos with the arborist, code compliance and town attorney offices.  We received assistance with permit price reductions and donations of curb trees which we planted along Blossom Hill Road. A total of 21 trees were planted in 2020.  We have a unique opportunity to restore what the Town called Los Gatos’ “last remaining heritage orchard.”
Linear Park: The Regent Drive “Linear Park” is designated Oak/Western Chaparral environment and the landscape plan calls for commitment to that.
Natives: New natives will take a bit of time to establish, and are dormant in the summer. They add beauty and color to the neighborhood, while following wildlife/fire/landscape guidance from the Town.
RoundUp and other Carcinogens
No carcinogenic chemicals have been applied since February 2020, making for a safer environment for children, adults and pets who come into contact with any common area, especially as now, families are spending all their time in our own neighborhood, walking, and playing close to home.