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____________WHAT’s HAPPENING NOW – Week of May 10 _____________


Homeowner TREES on Regent Drive

In response to the HOA newsletter, several neighbors opted in to the generous offer from the Town to abate sidewalk buckling issues by assisting with a super-streamlined and less costly process for tree replacements, with most of the work and the trees themselves free of charge, by the Town. Thank you to the Town of Los Gatos, and our own Karen Hayes, for coordinating!

We’re Up To 36 New ORCHARD TREES!

While the Town is here, they’re also doing some curb tree root grindings for us and replacing 5 trees on the orchard curb strip of Blossom Hill. Thank you to everyone at the Town for your help in restoring and maintaining Los Gatos’ heritage orchard, at the entry to our community! 

The board is happy to report that Common Ground Landscaping installed 10 new “Merlot” variety Redbud orchard trees this week, 8 in the west side, and 2 in the east side.  So, that will bring the total to 36 new trees within a year.  With hot sun, severe drought, and skyrocketing water rates over the next few years, the Merlot Redbud should withstand whatever climate throws at it, and the new bubbler system going in with each new tree will replace the poorly constructed brown whip lines with all the punctures in them. More about water conservation and fire hazard at the next meeting – be there June 15.     


Trim up your hedges and vegetation encroaching on sidewalks.  Walkability = Safety. Try walking your sidewalk.  If your shoulders get grazed by shrubs or low hanging trees, or if the sidewalks have groundcover or branches extending onto the sidewalk, ask your gardener to trim them up! (OR, if you need help, ask hoa@heritagegrove.org and we’ll try to get someone out there to do it asap for you. 

A Gentle Reminder that NO signs of any kind except a single “FOR SALE” sign are allowed to be affixed or displayed on fences, windows, stone walls, or other structures.  Small stake signs indicating a security system such as those shown in the newsletter (below) are ok. No other signs are permitted by the CC&R’s.  It doesn’t matter what the content is – it’s not about that at all!   


______THanks for the GREAT TURNOUT at the March MEETING! _______