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Social groups:  Please remember that not everyone is in all the many social media groups. The way to contribute is to reach out to any of the committee or board: Robert, Mario, Juliet, Karen, Sherri, Dana, Nate or Dennis. Please be constructive, work together – there’s a big team, lots of households involved and leading different parts of projects – join in!  You’re welcome to pitch in! 🙂

At the September board meeting, the Landscape Committee offered a Draft Plan, to be presented in December at the annual meeting. In the meantime, the board has begun working to that plan. With the new reserve study completed, the budget and finances in good shape, we are prioritizing and getting the jobs done.  

Pathway Lighting: Committee’s first set of recommendations were put into action, and the lighting project on the walkway between the Regents is finished. Check it out at night! 

Orchard Plan Progress:   Our 1999/2000 development is governed by Ordinance 2047 and we’ve been out of compliance. Looking forward, we are prioritizing replacing the many dozens of missing trees, both in the orchard and in the Heintz area. 

Town of Los Gatos: In  2020, we built trust with the arborist, code compliance and attorney.  We gained their assistance in a variety of ways that will make a huge difference now and into the future. We have been given a unique opportunity to restore what the Town called Los Gatos’ “last remaining heritage orchard:”
    1.  savings of thousands with a “per project” permit fee equal to cost of a single tree,
    2.  Eight (8) free trees for the front row this year, more next year,
    3.  Zero penalties surrounding prior cutting down of trees without permit,
    4. 15 gal. Merlot, Forest Pansy, Western Redbud saves us money and better suits the soil, location, and climate change than the akebono cherry which failed in previous plantings.  

Tree stump grindings took place for 17 tree stumps in the orchard and Heintz. We’re happy to report we now have a fresh start – we did all the grinding in one job to save cost, and now can do re-planting trees as money is available. This year’s reserve study now includes an orchard tree category. We have a far more accurate and complete reserve study after the company doing it for years came out for an on site one this year. It will help future boards for years to come. 

Rototilling took place on September 28th, prepping for the first rain. 

Tree Planting: 
Eight (8) trees donated to us by the Town were planted along the public curb strips, including 4 that grace the entrance, restoring the entry. They were planted by Common Ground, Bill Jauch, certified arborist on Sept 28.  

Thirteen (13) trees purchased by the HOA were planted in the first of several rounds of tree replacements in the orchard, on October 12, also by Common Ground.

Unexpected Turf Grass Drama Several thousand white agricultural grubs infested the turf grass, and for several reasons, including preventing further infestation spread to the homes facing the orchard, and based on multiple opinions, the dead, dying, and dug up by raccoons and crows feeding on the grubs, grass was removed. That posed a budget issue, because the turf grass and olive trees were installed in 2019 at a cost of ~$14,300 and used the full 10 year reserve for landscape refreshment for Heritage Grove. 

Because the priorities have to be orchard, frontage, firescaping, the committee organized, repurposed stone, and capped broken sprinklers on the street side damaged by the heavy turf grass growth, and went with rock, mulch, stone, and will plant lantana and natives soon. 

Redwood Mulch: We waited a long time for the “PERFECT” chipping job, and it finally happened! We were able to take a massive redwood  load, chipped with a brand new chipping machine so it came out chopped beautifully, from Saratoga.  We’ve booked a tractor trailer for last week of October for spreading the mulch – sorry for the wait, but it was about $5k in free redwood if we took it all when it they needed to find it a home.  

The Regent Drive “Linear Park” is designated Oak/Western Chaparral environment and the landscape plan calls for commitment to that.

Natives: the landscape committee is dedicated to planting natives, which will take a bit of time to establish, and are dormant in the summer.  They add beauty and color to the neighborhood, while adhering to wildlife/fire/landscape guidance from the Town.  

RoundUp and other Carcinogens
Widespread spraying and weekly usage of herbicides, weed killers most notably Glycophosphate (RoundUp) was identified as a focus area by the committee. The committee recognizes the balance between weeds and health of residents, and recommends reduction with the goal of near elimination. The long term changeover to plants that are native and natural to the hillside, requiring far less water, will allow reducing and eliminating chemical usage. 

No carcinogenic chemicals have been applied since February 2020, making for a safer environment for children, adults and pets who come into contact with any common area, especially as now, families are spending all their time in our own neighborhood, walking, and playing close to home. 

For upcoming Heintz Area and Firescaping plans, please refer to the Plan.

On Your Own Curb Strips:
 Please know that if you wish to plant a tree on your curb, you may obtain one at no cost from the Town Arborist from the tree fund.  Only trees from the approved trees list are permitted on curb strips.  But that’s ok – it means good lines of visibility for traffic, less sidewalk damage and mess, and free trees. 

If you’re cutting down trees –
please know that any tree 4″ in diameter that was called for in the original HG landscape/development plan, requires a permit to cut down. For other trees, not on the original development plan, hillside rules apply.  The rules (click on the image), guidance, and instructions are available at the Town.   If your sycamore or eucalyptus trees are ready for a replacement, contact Rob Moulden, at the Town, and arrange your free curb tree. 

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